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72311 BEECHCRAFT 1900D

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The Beechcraft 1900 is a modern American civil airliner in a low wing configuration, with a landing gear retracted in flight. The plane was flown in 1982, and serial production continued in the years 1982-2002. About 700 copies of this plane were created in its course. The drive is provided by two Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-67D engines with 1279 HP each. It is estimated that the unit price of this aircraft in 2001 was approximately $ 4.9 million. The Model 1900 was developed by Beech Aircraft Corporation (Beechcraft for short) as a successor to another aircraft produced by the company: the Model 99. The Beechcraft 1900 is capable of carrying up to 19 passengers over a distance of up to 700 kilometers. Several development versions of this aircraft were created in the course of serial production. One of the first was the 1900 C, which instead of two pairs of passenger doors had only a single pair of doors. Besides, it was almost identical to the first production version - the 1900 model. In 1991, another version was introduced, called 1900D. This version had a more comfortable passenger compartment with more space. More powerful engines were also installed, and the entire structure of the aircraft was slightly strengthened. It is worth adding that there was also a military version called C-12J. The machine was exported to many countries around the world and outside the United States it was or is used, for example, in: Algeria, Australia, Egypt, Indonesia and the UAE.

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