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Note: Comany Mistercraft frequently changes, without any notice, the decals that come with the model, so they may differ from the photos and descriptions on our website. If you need a specific version, please let us know about that by entering the appropriate notice in the comments field when placing the order. The Saab JAS-39 Gripen is a Swedish single-engine multi-role fighter in a duck-shaped, medium-wing design. In 1980, the Swedish government decided to start a research program to develop a successor to the AJ-37 Viggen. The technical design was carried out in June 1981. After approval, the government party placed an order in May 1982 for the development of prototypes and the production of 140 JAS-39 Gripen ("Gryf"). Three months later, flight-by-wire tests of the electric control system (fly-by-wire) on a specially adapted Viggen began. Work on the prototypes started in 1984. The first one left the assembly hall on April 26, 1986. Due to many difficulties with the control system, the flight took off only on December 9, 1988, 18 months after the scheduled date. On his sixth flight, February 2, 1989, Gripen leaned to the left when approaching and collided with his wing against the runway. The cause of the accident was the excessive sensitivity of this unfortunate "fly-by-wire" system. Until June 1991, three more prototypes were tested, on which the improved control system, navigation systems and weapons, as well as the engine and avionics were tested. The disaster at the shows on August 8, 1993 caused further changes - this time to the control system software. On March 4, 1993, the first serial JAS-39A (single-seat version) was tested. It was handed over to the armed forces of Sweden on June 8, 1996. In total, by the end of 1996, Swedish aviation has 30 "Gripen" A planes. Currently, intensive tests are underway, involving flights at high angles of attack. It is also planned to introduce a newer version of the wired control system software in all machines operated and produced in the future. By July 2002, 122 Gripen aircraft had been handed over to Flygvapnet. On September 6, 2002, the first JAS-39C Gripen was handed over. Technical data (JAS-39C version): length: 14.1 m, wingspan: 8.4 m, height: 4.5 m, maximum speed: 2200 km / h, maximum range: 3200 km, maximum ceiling 15200 m, armament: fixed - single cannon Mauser BK-27 cal. 27mm, suspended - usually 6 AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles.
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