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The North American F-86 Saber is an American single-seat turbojet fighter aircraft that was considered a worthy opponent of the Mig 15 during the Korean War. The flight of the F-86 prototype, which was powered by the Chevrolet J35-C-3 engine, took place in October 1947. The plane entered the line in 1949. The F-86 was the first mass-produced fighter capable of exceeding the speed of sound. The North American F-86 Saber was the U.S. primary fighter during the Korean War that was able to compete and successfully fight the Mig-15. It is estimated that the ratio of combat losses of both these machines is 2: 1 in favor of the American machine. The F-86 also took part in other conflicts: in the Indo-Pakistani war in 1965 and in the Bangladeshi War of Independence in 1971. A dozen or so versions of the F-86 were created, which differed from each other in the built-up engine, weapons and tasks performed. Three versions are the most popular. F-86A, the first serial version, fulfilling the role of a fighter, 554 copies were produced. Another is the F-86D, with a new General Electric J47-GE-17 engine, a characteristically elongated bow part and a new horizontal tail. In total, 2504 units of this version were created. Finally, the F-86F version, with the new General Electric J47-GE-27 engine and reinforced wings. 2239 units of this version were produced. The F-86 was also produced under the license of min. in Australia and Canada. In total, 9,812 pieces of this successful aircraft were built. Technical data (F-86F version): Maximum speed: 1,106 km / h, climb speed: 45.7 m / s, maximum altitude 15,100 m, maximum range: 2,454 km, armament: fixed - 6 M2 Browning 12 machine guns 7mm sling - up to 2400 kg of bombs and rockets.

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