TS-11 ISKRA 200 BR mister craft 1/72

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TS-11 ISKRA 200 BR

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Note: Comany Mistercraft frequently changes, without any notice, the decals that come with the model, so they may differ from the photos and descriptions on our website. If you need a specific version, please let us know about that by entering the appropriate notice in the comments field when placing the order. The PZL TS-11 Iskra is a modern Polish training and combat aircraft. The prototype flight took place in 1960. Serial production continued in the years 1963-1987, ending with the production of 424 copies of this aircraft. The drive (since 1969) is provided by a single engine jet WSK SO-3 . The plane's top speed is 720 km / h, and the maximum range is 1,250 kilometers. The deck armament is a single 23mm NS-23 or NR-23 cannon. Along with the wide introduction of jet aircraft to Polish aviation, it became necessary to construct an adequate training aircraft. The plants were responsible for its development and production WSK "PZL Mielec", and its main designer was Tadeusz Sołtyk. The new aircraft turned out to be a successful design with good performance, relatively low reliability and low operating costs. Many variants of this aircraft were created in the course of serial production. The first mass-produced version was the Iskra bis-A, still powered by the SO-1 engine. Shortly after, the Iskra bis-B version appeared, which was already a training and combat model with the possibility of taking overhead weapons. The Iskra R version, i.e. the naval reconnaissance version, or the Iskra bis D - training and combat version, also entered service. A civilian version without weapons called the Iskra Jet was also created. The military users of the TS-11 Iskra aircraft were Poland and India. In the civil version, the planes went to, among others, the USA or Great Britain.
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