MESSERSCHMITT ME410A-1/U2 AND U4 airfix 1/72

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The Messerschmitt Me-410 Hornisse (German for hornet) is a German twin-engine fighter-bomber with a metal structure, in a low wing configuration with a classic tail. It was an airplane based on a modified Messerschmitt Me-210 airframe with an extended fuselage and slots, equipped with new Daimler-Benz DB 603A engines placed in longer nacelles. Compared to the Me-210, the leading edge angle of the wings was also reduced. The first prototype of the Me-410 was completed at the end of 1942. In order to test the new airframe, six Me-210A aircraft were rebuilt to the Me-410 standard, retaining the old propulsion units, ie Daimler-Benz DB 601 F engines. These were Me-210A-1 and Me-210A-2. The latter aircraft was then handed over to the Japanese and tested in this country for its suitability for imperial aviation. The development program of the Me-410 involved many other aircraft rebuilt from Me-210 airframes (e.g. Me-410 V22, which was a modification of Me-210A-0) and also built from scratch as Me-410 (e.g. Me-410 V18) . The prototype tests showed that the volatile properties of Me-410 significantly exceed Me-210. The new aircraft also performed better than the Messerschmitt Bf-110, which it was to succeed. Due to this fact, the RLM decided to implement the Me-410 into serial production. The aircraft was to be built in two basic variants: Me-410A-1 Schnellbomber (fast bomber) and A-2 Zerstörer (destroyer). Production of the Me-410A-1 began in January 1943 and the first units were put on the equipment of Luftwaffe units at the end of this month. The shooting armament of this version did not differ from that used in the Me-210 (two 20 mm MG 151 cannons and two 7.92 mm MG 17 machine guns placed in the front part of the fuselage, and two 13 mm movable MG 131 machine guns). The bomb armament was located in a compartment located in the forward part of the fuselage. The plane could carry one SC 1000 or SD 1000 bomb with a weight of 1000 kg, or two SC 500 bombs with a weight of 500 kg each, or up to eight SC 50 bombs with a weight of 50 kg each. The Stuvi 5B device, adapted to drop bombs from a diving flight, was used as a bomb sight. There were several Me-410A-1 modification kits. In the next version of the Me-410B, in the destructive variant, the aircraft was equipped with additional four 210 mm undirected missile launchers under the wing. Technical data: length: 12.4 m, wingspan: 16.39 m, height: 3.7 m, maximum speed: 624 km / h, rate of climb: 9.3 m / s, maximum range: 2300 km, maximum ceiling: 10000 m, armament: fixed - 2 MG131 13mm machine guns mounted in electrically controlled FDSL 131 / 1B mounts, 2 MG17 7.92mm machine guns and 2 MG151 / 20 20mm cannons, suspended - up to 1000 kg of bombs.
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