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In 1916. the British Royal Flying Corps ordered a two-seater fighter from several aviation companies, which could defend itself against attacks by enemy aircraft. An observer or a shooter in the second cabin, operating a movable machine gun mounted on a turntable, was to contribute to this. The construction of such an aircraft was undertaken by the Bristol company, and at the beginning of 1916. Eng. Frank Bornwell, the company's constructor, designed the plane in a biplane layout, with the fuselage suspended between the wings and with a very close distance between the pilot's and observer's or gunner's open cabins so that they could easily communicate. The prototype of the plane powered by the Falcon in-line engine, designated the Bristol F.2A, was flew on September 9, 1916. During the flight tests, the prototype confirmed the good handling properties and the assumed performance. At that time, 50 of these aircraft were ordered, with which two Royal Flying Corps squadrons were equipped. After introducing a few design changes, the series production of the aircraft, designated the Bristol F.2B Fighter, began. In addition to British aviation orders, the plant also received orders from other countries. Overall, from 1916. by the end of World War I, 3101 Bristol F.2B Fighter aircraft were produced, and after its completion, a further 378 aircraft for British and 49 for foreign aviation. They were also produced under license in the USA of 50 pieces and in Belgium - 40 pieces. For the first time, 6 Bristol F.2B planes from 40 Squadron fought in the air on April 5, 1917. over Arras in France with 5 fighter planes from Richthofen's squadron. The German pilots then shot down 4 English planes without suffering any losses. Only the change of the tactics of using these planes from defensive to offensive showed their advantages and the pilots on these planes achieved a number of victories and so 20 RFC squadron equipped with Bristol F.2B Fighter planes shot down a total of 613 enemy planes. Individually, the most victories on this type of aircraft were achieved by the Canadian crew: Maj. Pil. A. Mac Keever and the gunner LF Powell, the first of them shot down 30 and the second 6 German planes within six months. The advantages of this aircraft, which were confirmed during the fights in World War I, meant that it was used in the British RAF aviation until 1932. Until the mid-thirties, it was also used in aviation, among others in Belgium, China and Spain. Ireland and Mexico. Technical data: Maximum speed: 192 km / h, speed of climb: 5.1 m / s, maximum altitude: 6100 m, maximum range: 467 km, armament: fixed - 3 machine guns, 7.7 mm caliber.The Rumpler C.IV was a German reconnaissance biplane reconnaissance aircraft from the First World War. The prototype flight took place in 1917. The machine entered production in the same year. The drive was provided by a single Mercedes D.IVa engine with 260 HP. The length of the aircraft was 8.41 meters with a wingspan of 12.66 meters. The deck armament consisted of two 7.92 mm machine guns: the LMG 08/15 and the Parabellum MG14. The machine could also carry a load of bombs weighing up to 100 kilograms. The C.IV was developed by Rumpler Flugzeugwerke as an evolutionary development of the C.III. Compared to its predecessor, it differed in the use of a completely new power unit, as well as a different design and shape of the tail section. It is worth adding that the Rumpler 6B-2 seaplane, however, powered by a Mercedes D.III engine was also developed on the basis of this model. During the service, the Rumpler C.IV turned out to be a very successful machine with high performance for a machine of this class and relatively easy to pilot. He was exploitable primarily on the Western Front and in Italy. After 1918, he entered service in the Belgian and Yugoslav aviation.

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