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xx век до 1939 года
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The Fokker D.VII is a German biplane fighter with a mixed structure (plywood, canvas, aluminum) from the end of the First World War. The flight of the prototype took place in January 1918, and in May of the same year, the plane entered service in the air. The Fokker D VII quickly demonstrated its superiority over the Allied aircraft. It had higher acceleration and a higher ceiling, which, combined with very good control devices, made the German pilots able to defeat 565 Allied machines in August 1918. Designed by Reinhold Platz, D VII was selected from among many other designs during the competition between January-February 1918. Baron Manfred von Richthofen (known as the "Red Baron") himself flew a prototype marked with the code V11. He later stated that the plane was easy to navigate, had a good climb rate, and was suited to "dive" flights in which the Fokker was found to be "rock hard". Other pilots also emphasized good visibility from the cockpit. The plane was of a mixed construction. The rectangular hull was made of welded steel pipes with a cloth cover. Only the nose of the fuselage housing the engine had removable side covers made of aluminum sheet. Double-girder panels, connected with each other by thin N-shaped stands, free-bearing with a thick profile, covered with plywood up to the first girder, the rest with canvas. The plane used Mercedes D.IIIa (180-200HP) or BMW IIIa 185HP engines as the drive. The BMW engine was a much better power unit, but as a result of limited production, the Mercedes engine was used on a much larger scale. It is worth noting that the Fokker D.VII flew min. Herman Goring, who achieved many air victories on it. The quality of the machine can be proved by the fact that it was produced until 1926. Technical data (for the version with the BMW-Fokker D.VIIF engine): length: 6.95 m, wingspan: 8.9 m, height: 2.75 m, maximum speed: 200 km / h, climb speed: 9, 52 m / s, maximum ceiling 6000 m, armament: fixed - 2 LMG 08/15 machine guns, cal. 7.92 mm.

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